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Recent Wildlife Paintings

Welcome! Here you will find a collection of some of my recent work. For a list of all my available work, please visit my shop. All of my work can be categorized within a specific series with which it was created for. Painted very loosely and spontaneously, my watercolor animal portrait series is brought to life fairly quickly with watercolors. These paintings are created with multiple layers of washes, exaggerated color, and my signature splattering. My hope with these paintings is to create a sense of aura that allows the observer to connect to subjects spirit.

My traditional oil paintings, or what I’ve come to call my impressions series, are brought to life using bold impressionistic brushstrokes and realistic colors, focusing on light and value. The completed pieces allow the observer to enjoy the incredibly realistic look from a distance, yet within arms reach, feel as though they are full of movement, life, and soul.

Finally, my black and white series are created using a dry brush technique with black oil paint. These very time consuming pieces are created in hopes of providing the observer with a sense of stillness and awe, within what is a very detailed painting, that can be appreciated within close range.

My goal with each series is to bring the observer up close and personal to these amazing souls. Whether through interpretation or lifelike representation, the goal always stays the same. Please enjoy and feel free to contact me with any questions.