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A collection of my most popular works. Open and limited edition prints are available for all works. Additional paintings can be found in my shop. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

Watercolor Collection

Featured Paintings

Painted very loosely and spontaneously, my watercolor animal portrait series is brought to life fairly quickly with watercolors. These paintings are created with multiple layers of washes, exaggerated color, and my signature splattering. My hope with these paintings is to create a sense of aura that allows the observer to connect to the subjects spirit.

Black & White Collection

Featured Paintings

 These black and white paintings are created using a dry brush technique with black oil paint. These are painted with maximum detail, deep shadows, prominent highlights, in hopes of providing the observer with a sense of stillness and awe. From a distance, they are often mistaken for photographs, but upon a closer look, the intricate brushwork and blending can be seen.

Oil Collection

Featured Paintings

These traditional oils are created with broad and obvious brushstrokes, focusing on light and value. My hope with these paintings is to create a feeling such that from a distance, they look incredibly realistic, but from an arms distance you can feel the brushstrokes and texture.

Impressions Collection

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My impressions series is made up of highly saturated oil paint used in a thick impasto manner. Layers of paint, applied thinly to quite thick, make their home on the canvas. Unconstrained exaggerated colors combine to make a surreal and abstract rendition of the subject. My fingers, brushes, and palette knives combine to create an eclectic composition of texture and feeling. These paintings are lifelike, in that you are immediately aware of the subject, yet possess an incredible abstract texture that takes the viewer into a world of imagination.