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Watercolor Portrait Series

My largest series, these watercolors are created with layers of washes and my signature splatters. My hope with these paintings is to create a sense of deep spirituality and aura that brings the viewer in and creates a feeling of connection to each animal.

Black and White Series

My black and white paintings are created using a dry brush technique with black oil paint. My hope with these paintings is to create a sense of true realism that can appreciated from within close range and that allows the viewer to emotionally connect with each animals spirit.

Original Paintings

All of my original wildlife paintings are painted in hopes of sharing my spiritual connection to the natural world with you.  My hope is that through my work, you too will feel a more personal connection to wildlife.  Please contact me with any questions.

Impressions Series

These traditional oils are created with broad and obvious brushstrokes, focusing on light and value. My hope with these paintings is to create a feeling such that from a distance, they look incredibly realistic, but from an arms distance you can feel the brushstrokes and texture.

Custom Pet Portraits

Offering one of a kind high-end traditionally painted pet portraits in watercolor and oil. With more than a decade of experience, I dive wholeheartedly into each new portrait. Contact me today to begin the process!